How To Make Flower Arrangements Last Longer

Keep your vases clean!
Start with the premise that the vase should be clean, remove any dead leaves from the water and avoid leaves being below the water line to help prevent bacterial build up.Preferably use flower food which has a bacteriacide in it.

Cutting flower stems
When buying cut flowers, cut off about 1cm of stem with a sharp knife or very sharp scissors, preferably whilst holding them in water, and then place them immediately in your vase. Try not to tear off any outer parts of the stem because this can allow in infection and reduce the length that the flowers last.

How important is flower food?
Most flowers will come with flower food and this helps to keep the foliage healthy, which will prolong your display.

How important is light?
Be careful of too much direct sunlight or strong indoor lights as this can overheat the flowers but generally, the more light the better providing you keep them relatively cool also.

Flowers prefer a humid environment as this stops them losing so much water. Drafts or air conditioning tend to dry flowers and make them age more quickly.

Leave on as many leaves as possible above the water line, remove dying and dead flower heads and any damaged or yellowing leaves. Keep the water topped up and fresh, with flower food if you have to replenish it. Remove any leaves that fall into the water to avoid bacterial build up which harms the plats, is unsightly in glass vases and causes bad odours.