How to Say Thank You with Flowers

It was Gladys Brown Stern who said “Silent gratitude isn’t much use to anyone.” She knew that even the smallest thank you could make the biggest difference. Whether verbally or expressed through a thank you card, a “thank you” never goes amiss. But there are times when a note just wont do; when you feel you owe a huge debt and you want to let someone know: I truly appreciate what you did. You need a visual expression of your gratitude. It’s time to send flowers.

Flowers are a very public token of appreciation. When you send flowers, you send a tangible symbol of your appreciation. Here are some hints and tips to help you choose the right thank you flowers:

Your budget will dictate the size of the bouquet when you buy flowers. But think about what you are trying to say. Do you want to make a bold statement or do you want to thank someone in a private and personal way? If the former, go for a big, bright bunch of cheaper flowers. If the latter, opt for a more expensive flower in a smaller arrangement.

Flower type vs. colour
If you are buying flowers online, you are spoilt for choice. Most online florists offer the convenience and ease of searching for an arrangement by type of flower or colour. If you are traditional, you might like to consider sending one of the following flower types which all symbolise gratitude: Bellflowers (campanula), camellias, dark pink and peach roses, gladioli and sweet peas. Then again, most people don’t worry too much about the “meaning” of flowers. You might decide to focus on the colour i.e. buy flowers in the recipient’s favourite colour.

To deliver or not to deliver?
There is something magical about a flower delivery. The not-a-salesman-but-a- gorgeous-bunch-of-flowers surprise is hard to beat. And in the UK, flowers are just a click away. Same day flowers, international flower delivery… you can have it all.

One final tip
When you present the hostess of a party with a bunch of thank you flowers, offer to put them in a vase. The hostess will be very busy attending to her other guests and your gift will be one of pleasure, rather than annoyance.

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