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How to Choose Funeral Flowers

Tuesday, May 18th, 2010

It’s not something we like to think about but sometimes you have to buy flowers – not for a joyous occasion – but for a funeral. A fitting arrangement of flowers is a great way of paying tribute to a person’s life, so make sure you choose wisely. If you have never sent funeral flowers before, here are a few guidelines:

1. Make sure you know where the funeral flowers must be delivered to. Usually the undertakers take care of the flowers and the florist delivers directly to them. Most florists know this and will liaise directly with the funeral director to ensure the flowers are at the right place at the right time.

2. Pick an appropriate arrangement. Think about the weather, where the flowers will be displayed (at home or at the cemetery) and whether the funeral is in the afternoon or in the morning. If in the morning, make sure your florist delivers them the night before. If it’s late in the afternoon and the weather is hot, make sure your funeral flowers will last.  Most florists will be able to advise you.

3. Decide on a type of arrangement. The flower coffin spray is usually selected by the close family or the person arranging the funeral so opt for a wreath, a bouquet, a basket or even a heart or pillow-shaped arrangement.

4. Sometimes a family will request a certain colour theme and you should try to respect this. Think about the person who passed away. Choose colours and flowers that reflect their life and also your own feelings. Think about whether you want traditional funeral flowers or something original. Don’t worry too much about the meaning of flowers. Choose an arrangement that suits your message. Many people like to give white funeral flowers but again, choose something that has meaning for you.

Once you’ve decided on all this, it’s time to order. With today’s vast choice of flowers online, nothing could be easier. Make sure you order the flowers in time and give precise instructions as to the funeral home and what time the service is.

And after it’s all done, perhaps send flowers or even a basket of fruit to the home of the deceased after the funeral to let the mourning family know you are still thinking of them.